Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vacuums Suck, Part II

Five years ago, I bought a new vacuum. I've hated it ever since. It very clearly says that it uses Hoover "Y" bags, but I swear to you the bags don't fit. Every time I have to change the bag I have to twist and contort it to try to cram it on to the pipe thingy. And the "bag bucket" doesn't always lock in place which leaves a gap and ruins the suction.

My mother, who uses the vacuum every time she comes out visit, has no problem with it. (What, you think I let her sit on the couch all day when she visits? No, I put her to work.) Her vacuum at home in Jersey recently broke, and she needs a new vacuum. So rather than buying a vacuum for herself, she's buying me a new one and I'm sending her my old one. There's a certain logic to it.

I bought myself a new Kenmore with something called a "Inteli-Clean System". Basically it's a series of lights that change from red to orange to green to let you know when that section of the floor is clean. I believe that just about anything can be improved by adding blinking lights to it, so it seemed like a cool feature. The problem is that it's really more of a "Nagging-Clean System". I'm single, I live alone, so I pretty much assume that as long as a vacuum rolls over every part of the floor, the floor is clean. but now, the red lights taunt me and say "no, you're not done yet. Go over it again." My OCD won't let me turn off the vacuum on a red light, so I always have to keep on running the thing until it turns green.

It sucks.

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