Sunday, June 15, 2003

How to get rid of litterbox odors

Every now and then you hear a story about some moron who had an accident, and you'll ask yourself "how could anybody be that stupid?" Well, I am that moron: I burned down a kitty-litterbox.

No matter how often you clean a litterbox, sometimes they smell. That was the case last night, so I placed a scented candle on top of the canopy to mask the odor. The story pretty much writes itself from this point, folks.

At around 6:00 this morning I was awoken by a buzzer. Fire alarms are not that uncommon in my building, so I tried to ignore it. I quickly realized it wasn't a building alarm, but rather the fire alarm within my condo. I got out of bed and thought to myself "huh, that's odd, why is my bedroom filled with smoke?" I took about 10 steps and thought to myself "huh, that's odd, why is there a bright orange glow coming from my bathroom?"

I went into the bathroom and there on a floor was a rectangular flame about 2 feet high, pretty much in the exact size, shape, and location where the litterbox once stood. I threw my bathrobe on top of it, but didn't get it all. I threw a towel on it, and that put the fire out. I started running around the condo openning windows and setting up fans to air the place out for two reasons: First, I like being able to breathe, Secondly, and almost as importantly, I wanted to get the smoke alarm to turn off before building security and the fire department showed up so I wouldn't have to explain that I burned down a litterbox.

Much of the plastic fused with the fibers in the carpet as well as with my bath robe. The ironic part is that the smell of a litterbox is nothing compared to the stink of burning polyeurthane.

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