Sunday, April 27, 2003

Vacuums Suck

I needed a new vacuum cleaner. My old one was about 15 years old: the little spinning brushes didn't spin any more, the outer casing was cracked, and for some reason there was a piece of metal jamming out of the bottom of it which would scrape the floor as I cleaned. It was OK for carpets, but not for bare floors. (Some of you might say it wasn't good for carpets either.) It was a nice little vacuum, so I figured I would go to Sears and pick up the latest version of the same model. Simple, right?


I'm sure you women out there know everything there is to know about the latest advances in home cleaning technology (yes, intentional sexist joke.) But I had no idea.what was out there. Do you want powered wheels? Bag-less? Micro-alergen filtration? Turbo-tornado-mega-sucking-power?

I got myself a Hoover with "V2 Dual Air Path Technology". I don't know what that means, but I imagine I will still run over a piece of lint on the floor, pick it up, and then throw it back down and try to vacuum it again.

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