Monday, June 04, 2007

Skeletons in the Closet

I have one of those walk-in closets that you can't walk in because it's so cluttered. I finally decided to try to clean it up a bit by buying some of those 12-gallon plastic storage bins.

I got four of them to start, and the big decision was to figure out how to best organize my junk. Looking at all the stuff I had piled on the shelves and floor, I tried to pick the best four categories which would remove the most clutter. So what were the 4 biggest sources of clutter? I'm embarrassed to say:

1. Photographs
Back in the old day we sent film out to be "developed" and we saw the images on a special kind of "paper".

2. Stuffed animals
I used to have an office with room for lots of Disney propaganda but now it has to go in storage.

3. Silly hats
These include a dozen variations of Mickey Mouse ears, a World War I helmet, various forms of antanea and the infamous Chicken Hat.

4. Gifts I bought for people but never gave them
Sometimes I try to be smart and if I see something I know somebody will like, I will buy it on the spot and save it for a birthday. Then I forget about it and buy them something else months later. Or I'll pick up some baby clothes and by the time I get around to mailing it out the baby would have outgrown it so I just hang on to it for the next baby that comes around.


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