Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happily Ever After

I have my luggage.

10 days after I arrived home to Los Angeles, the wonderful people at Delta Airlines delivered my bag. I have my laptop, my camera, my dirty underwear, everything.


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Land of the Lost

It's been about 10 days since I've seen my luggage. I don't think it's coming back.

I have to fill out a "Passenger Property Loss Claim" with Delta. There are tons of restrictions. For starters, they won't cover any electronics at all. Period. If any item is more than $250 (like my eyeglasses) I need to show a receipt. Do you think I have a receipt for eyeglasses I bought 5 years ago? They also have a maximum reimbursement, based upon weight, although I'm not sure how much it is. It is on the order of $10-$20 per pound, which means my 45 pound bag is worth - at most - $900.

I have to list the complete contents of my bag. For each item, I have to give a description, cost new, and purchase date. Some items are simple: Electric razor, $60, Jan. 2007. But should I put down "8 pairs of underwear, $40, 1986?"


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Friday, August 03, 2007

Now With Photo Goodness

You can see random images of my life on my new "photostream." Man, do I hate those stupid internet words they keep making up. Whatever.


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oceanic 815

I called Delta Airlines today to speak with a human being about my lost luggage. the clueless representative had no information for me. None. I asked if should could tell me if my luggage made it on to the flight out of Albany; if it didn't, then at least I could send my cousin to the airport to look for it. Delta had no idea. She told me that bags are only scanned when they arrive at their destination.


Why would you scan a bag AFTER it arrives? Don't you scan the luggage at the DEPARTURE city so you know what plane it should go on? Whatever. But then the Delta rep actually told me that my bag was not lost. I had to tell her, "well, I'm here, my luggage isn't, I don't know where it is, YOU don't know where it is, it sounds pretty lost to me." Here is her logic:

A bag can't be in the system until it gets scanned. My bag was never scanned, so therefore it is not lost. When it gets scanned, then it will be in the system and can be declared "lost". My feeling is that if somebody scans my bag, that means it is "found".

It's kinda like Jerry Seinfeld getting a car reservation.


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