Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grieving Las Vegas

I'm very upset.

For years, I have wanted to go to Vegas to watch them blow up an old hotel. The problem is I never knew ahead of time when they would have the implosion. I'd just be watching the news at home some night and see yet another hotel get demolished.

Well I finally targeted a hotel demolition to watch. I knew the Frontier was being taken down, and last year I intentionally stayed there for Kim & Travis' wedding. This way I would have more of a connection to the hotel when it went down. I signed up on a website to be notified whenever a Vegas hotel is scheduled to be demolished, assuming that I would have at least a week's notice and could drive out just for the night.

Well of course, now I find out that they blew up the Frontier in specatcular fashion and I missed it.


Stupid Vegas.

I thought they purposely didn't tell people when they were blowing hotels up to avoid huge crowds coming to Vegas just to see it happen!?
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