Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ticket Master Disaster

When it comes to going to the movies, I am the Ticket Master. I make sure we get good seats in the theaters. I make sure we're on time. I put forth a lot of efort which many people take for granted to make sure we have the best movie-going experience possible. The only person who truly understands this art, and is even better than I am, is Travis.

I am ashamed at the things I did this weekend however. Dutch and I went to go see 300 n Saturday. There was a 7:30 show near his place. What time did we arrive? 6:45? 7:00? How about 7:25. We got to the theater 5 minutes before the movie started. Pitiful. And of course it was sold out.

We tried again on Sunday. There was a 4:30 showing in Pasadena. Dutch got stuck in traffic and didn't show up to my place until about 4. It's a 15 minute drive to Pasadena and I thought that was cutting it close so I suggested we go to a 4:50 showing in La Canada instead. It's not a nice theater, no stadium seating, but at least I knew we could make it. We arrived in plenty of time and had our choice of seats. My gut told me to take the two seats behind the wheelchair-seating area. It's a wide-open space that never gets used so you don't have to worry about who is sitting in front of you. We sat down, but then I second-guessed myself and thought it felt a little TOO open so we moved to a different row. Naturually, 5 minutes later two giants sat in front of us and our previous seats were taken by then. We were stuck.

During the previews, we were told FOUR TIMES to turn off our cel phones. It was ridiculous. I even complained to Dutch "why do they keep saying it over and over?" "Some people need that much reminding." And sure enough, what happened: Right before the big climatic finale, I hear a cel phone go off: RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG. Idiot. Odd how it kind of sounds like my phone.
RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG. It couldn't possibly be MY phone?! RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG. Oh my god, where is my phone?!! RRRRIIIINNNNGGGG.

Yes, I was the moron who had his cel phone go off during a movie. And it rang 4 times before going to voicemail. I was mortified. When the movie was over, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I couldn't bear to have to face the well-deserved scowls from the people whose movie-going experience I had ruined.

I have failed you, Travis-San.

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