Friday, March 14, 2008

Going Back Down

Oh My God my worst elevator nightmare came true. I had to go down to the first floor to check my mail. When I stepped in the elevator, two old biddies were already inside. Which is fine, I don't have anything against biddies, young or old. We stopped on the 8th floor and an old man came on pushing a stroller with what I assume was his granddaughter. But rather than making room for the stroller, the biddies just bent down to start cooing over the precious little angel. The grandfather had to therefore squeeze himself into the elevator, and in doing so his old man butt hit all of the bottom 2 rows of buttons - floors 1-5. So we had to go listen to

"Fifth floor... Go-wing doiwn"
"Fourth floor... Go-wing doiwn"
"Third floor... Go-wing doiwn"
"Second floor... Go-wing doiwn"
"First floor."

Is there such a thing as elevator rage?

That's your "worst elevator nightmare?"

And I thought you had some imagination.
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