Thursday, December 06, 2007

So I'm a Racist

I usually spend Thanksgiving with my cousins. This year, they were invited to their neighbors' house and I tagged along. The family is black, and yes that is significant to the story.

As we were starting to gather around the table, the daughter (in her late 20s) asked "what kind of music should I put on while we eat?" Someone said "just play what ever you normally listen to." She replied, "OK, I'll put on my Gangsta Rap so we can have a nice traditional Thanksgiving dinner." Everybody laughed. Two minutes later the father, being a sensitive host, asked if anyone would mind if he did a blessing. Not knowing the backgrounds of his guests, he said "I'm not sure what kind of blessing I should do, but I can be non-denominational." I said "just give a traditional Gangsta Rap blessing." Everybody who was in the room 2 minutes earlier laughed. The father, who was in the kitchen at the time, did not.

Looks like it's gonna be a white Christmas.

(I do not believe the father took any offense at all, he simply wasn't in on the joke.)

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