Monday, December 17, 2007

Feeling a Draft

The President of one of our divisions (R.R.) had to do an unexpected teleconference today. I am not in his direct chain-of-command, but he would essentially by my boss' boss' boss' boss. The person who normally handles teleconferences was out so I, being one of the few people in the building familiar with the equipment, helped out. With this being one week before Christmas, I was dressed pretty casually in a "Ski Breckinridge "shirt. I know R.R. and I'm worried about him seeing me dressing comfortably, but if I have to go into a room with him and a group of 10 executives I would prefer to be a little more formal.

There were, of course, a few technical problems so I had to go back into the room several times. Not a big deal. I try to be inconspicuous but you can't ignore someone walking around the room turning equipment on and off. Point being, people definitely saw me walking around.

After the meeting finished I sat back down at my desk and realized my fly was down. All the way. Huge white beacon of white jockeys flashing out for the world to see. Since I was dressed casually with my shirt hanging out, when I stood up the shirt SEEMED to cover up most of the zipper. But of course if I lifted my arm (like to point a remote at a TV) the shirt would lift up with it.

I have no idea if anyone actually noticed. But I suspect I won't be asked to assist with any more teleconferences.

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