Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Miracle

Those who live in my neck of the woods are probably familiar with Porto's Bakery. It is known for two things: having yummy pastries and being an absolute madhouse. It is always packed, and loud, and chaotic. But if you are invited to someone's home, a box of goodies from Porto's makes a nice treat.

Late afternoon Sunday I realized I had nothing to bring to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve dinner. I figured I might as well suck it up and deal with the chaos of Porto's. I checked my watch: I arrived at 4:06 and sure enough, it was crazy. The "line" (more of a mob) was heading out the door. Several sheep herders were trying to organize the masses: Cake-only pick-up over here, sandwiches over there, baked goods in the middle.

I was there about a minute or two when one of the herders asked I was getting. I told her I wanted a box of decorated Christmas cookies. She pulled me to the front of the line, showed me the variety they had, and asked how many I wanted. I said four of each. She snapped her fingers and a cookie faerie came over and loaded up a box of cookies for me and brought me over to the registerer. I checked my watch again: 4:12.

In and out of Porto's, 2 days before Christmas, an hour before they closed, in 6 minutes. Truly a Christmas Miracle.

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