Sunday, October 21, 2007

War Is Hell

Dutch and Danielle wanted to come over to watch Transformers this weekend. Dutch suggested that I rent the Blu-ray version; we had a PS3 we could borrow and we could watch the movie in glorious high-definition on my new flat-screen TV. Brilliant idea. I went to Blockbuster only to discover that Transformers wasn't released on Blu-ray, only DVD and HD-DVD. Blockbuster doesn't even rent HD-DVD movies. So we had to settle on watching robot-car battles in dismal standard definition.

Sometimes you don't appreciate the impact of war until it affects you personally. And now, I understand what it means to be a victim. The HD Format War has to end NOW.

For the record, Transformers is a dumb movie. The plot and dialog are written for a 12-year-old. In other words, perfect. I never watched Transformers as a kid (I was just slightly too old for it) but I appreciate the movie for what it is. If you haven't seen it, go power up your HD-DVD player and take a look.

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