Saturday, October 27, 2007

Guitar Zero

One of my favorite simple pleasures is getting the Sunday paper a day early. I only get it for the comics so I don't care about the news. I usually buy it on Saturday (like today), although sometimes I can get the weekend edition on Friday night which is even more amazing. It makes me feel like I'm travelling through time.

One of my worst simple annoyances is having to dig through the Sunday paper to get to the comics. They are buried within the ads (often wrapped within some of the inserts) and it's very frustrating trying the find the two sections. I was digging through all the ads when I came across this:

Guitar Hero III! Available today! I scrambled to find the comics, rushed through them, and then left for Target. I had to fight the afternoon mall parking crowds to get to the store, but it would be worth it. I went to the games section expecting a big display but I found nothing. I asked the sales clerk where they had Guitar Hero III. He said it wasn't released yet. I told him, "um, your ad in the paper says that it's out today and you have it." He told me they didn't.

Frustrated, I headed back to my car and figured I'd have to go to Best Buy. But I thought I should consult an expert, so I called Travis in Kentucky. I asked him to confirm that Guitar Hero III was released today. He told me it wasn't out yet. I told him there was a big ad in the Sunday paper saying "Guitar Hero III, available today!" He asked me "what day is it?"

It's Saturday.

I'm an idiot. Time travelling can really mess you up.

Did you end up getting it on Sunday then?
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