Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Eyes Have Had It

Let me tell you about the adventure my eyes are having this week.

I wear glasses about 15 minutes a day; the rest of the day I wear contacts. I put on my glasses in the morning to get me into the shower and to give my eyes time to wake up before being shocked with the contacts. I then put my glasses on to get me back into bed at night. My glasses prescription is a few years out of date, but is fine for the limited tmie I wear them.

I flew to New York last week. I can't sleep on planes, but I do try to rest a little bit and since it's uncomfortable to keep your eyes closed wearing contacts, I often wear my glasses when I fly long trips. When I got to New York Saturday night, I realized that I left my contacts at home.

I had to wear my glasses all day Sunday, which meant a little bit of headaches because of the old prescription. It would only get worse if I had to go a week wearing them. I went to an eye place on Monday and asked if they could rush-order me replacement lenses. They were very nice; they said they could order me a pair of free trial lenses and I would only have to pay a 15-dollar Fed-Ex fee. Perfect. I called my eye doctor and had him fax the prescription. The next day I went back to the store and they told me they had a pair of trial lenses in stock; I didn't have to pay the mail fee. Brand new contact lenses, totally free.

I spent a few days with my aunt, then drove up to visit my cousins on Friday. That night, I realized I left my glasses at my aunt's. So now I had contacts, no glasses, which meant I could see OK during the day but the mornings would be rough shocking my eyes with the contacts.

I picked up my glasses on Sunday on the way to the airport. Now I had glasses and contacts. But the airline lost my luggage, so know I'm without my glasses yet again.

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