Monday, March 19, 2007


Everybody hates spam, but seriously: how often does it REALLY create a problem for you? You check your email, delete a few annoying Nigerian messages, and move on. This past week, my email started acting slow. I would check my mail, and the program would just sort of hang. It certainly couldn't be a problem with my Mac, so I assumed it was a temporary issue on the remote side. After several days of having the same problem, I discovered that there was nothing wrong with my mail at all: it was just taking a long time to download all of the messages, which were automatically moved into my Junk Mail folder. How many messages? On Saturday alone, I recieved over thirteen THOUSAND spam messages. Looking back, I was getting on the order of 10,000 spam messages daily. It was taking several hours for me to check my mail.

Spammers should have every message they've ever sent printed out and stuffed down their throats.

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