Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spam, Or No Spam?

If you had a message like this in your inbox, would you think it was spam?

From: Youth Minister
Subject: Sycamore

My name is Craig, and I am the slave of the woman in the office next door. (Your Mother of all people!) She has given me the task of sending you the graphics of a 'sycamore tree', personally I think she is out of her tree but thats a seperate issue! She said that you'd know what to do with this so here you have it... see the attached '.jpeg'.

It sounds like some kind of creepy, kinky sex spam, no? (Not that I would know.) That's what I thought at first, but no, for some reason my mother has a project for me to do that involves a photo of sycamore tree. Since she's not very computer literate she had someone she works with in her church office send me a picture of a sycamore tree.

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