Friday, November 17, 2006

Feel like a teen again

Got another strange one for ya. I have an uncontrollable nose bleedi it's been going for almost an hour now. The odd thing is that it's on the outside of my nose.

I had cut back on my candy consumption leading up to my marathon 2 weeks ago. But after that, all bets were off and I've been eating all the crap I can find. The bridge of my nose started breaking out. I found an old bottle of astringent under the sink and washed my nose with it. Now when I say old, I mean OLD. Like it might have bought it 10 years ago. And I don't know if the alcohol turned to acid, or maybe I picked up a bottle of drano by mistake, but it stung a lot and the next thing I knew my nose was covered in blood. (It's just a small leak, but when I wiped my face I smeared the blood everywhere.)

I tried waiting it out a bit, but it kept bleeding and I was now late for work. I drove to the office, thinking it would stop on the way over. Nope. Now I had to get from my car, through the building lobby and up an elevator to get to my desk, all the time holding fresh tissue to my nose which would turn completely red every 20 seconds. Very undignified.

If I seem particularly light-headed today, it's from all the blood loss.

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