Sunday, October 29, 2006

Why SNL Sucks

We all know Saturday Night Live is rarely funny. But there was something odd about the way it was being filmed this season. A couple weeks ago I mentioned it to Pat who suggested that they might be filming for HDTV and ignoring the standard TV format. And that's exactly it. Check out this clip from this weekend: in HDTV, we'd be able to see who the server is. But now we have no idea and the joke is ruined for the 90% of their audience who is watching on regular TV. There have been problems like this all season. It's bad enough when the writing isn't funny, but when the camera work is actually hiding the jokes from people, well that's just idiotic.

SNL clip

HDTV didn't have anything to do with that. I'm not even sure we were supposed to see the person who was serving Lorne. I think the audience saw Borat and just couldn't contain themselves.
yea, that's not HDTV, speaking as someone who watches SNL on HDTV. What you are seeing in the Standard broadcast is the full HD Frame with black top and bottom to make up for the missing stuff, so in this case you aren't missing anything since they letterbox. (i think the applause was borat btw)

however, this isn't always the case, shows like Lost and My Name is Earl, are shot for widescreen and are cropped for the standard broadcast, so you are loosing stuff. MNIE plays with this a bit, and have held up stuff to the camera that only HDTV users can see like "HD is Cool"
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