Thursday, September 07, 2006

Surprises in the mail

I received a small package in the mail.

My building has a central mail room on the ground floor, and since I am impatient I never wait until I get up to my condo to open any packages. Instead, I awkwardly try to open the box while riding the elevator and juggling whatever else I happen to be carrying. Last week's box was about 8"x10"x10", and I didn't recognize the return address. I was able to break the wrapping tape with a key, and the box was practically exploding with packaging peanuts. It was tricky to try to find out what was inside with one hand while not spilling all the styrofoam. I found a small round tin, and was pretty sure it was something like a chocolate-covered pretzel sampler, or maybe a small order of cookies. I wasn't expecting anything in the mail, so it was a nice surprise. I dug through the peanuts some more, trying to find a card or something letting me know who sent me this nice gift.

Thank God I didn't open the tin to get to the sweets before finding the card. At the bottom of the box was an envelope marked "Cremation Certificate." As it turns out, the tin did not contain delicious chocolate-covered pretzels but rather the ashes of my deceased cat.

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