Monday, August 14, 2006

Orange Alert

The terrorists got my luggage.

I was on vacation last week and had to fly home 2 days after those crafty Brits foiled a plot to blow up planes using lipstick & Coca Cola. (All liquids and gels are now banned from flights.) I want to thank MSNBC for all their coverage of "Target: America - Terror in the Sky" because that's exactly what I want to watch right before I head to the airport. (Yes, that's how they branded their coverage.)

The security measures were kind of a joke. There were hastily-printed-out signs all over the airport declaring that if you bought a drink at a newstand you wouldn't be able to bring it on the plane with you. Yet you could still bring carry-on luggage which didn't get searched before boarding. I understand them screening out liquids before going through security. But then either let us bring purchased beverages on the plane with us, or else inspect our bags.

Unfortunately, somehow my luggage did not make it back to Burbank with me. It wasn't too much of a hassle, but I didn't have my glasses so I had to put my contacts in as soon as I woke up the next day which is kind of a pain. The bags arrived Sunday night.

We were told that originally we had a completely booked flight, but many people were cancelling their travel plans. There were quite a few empty seats on the plane, including the one next to me. Maybe terrorism isn't so bad after all.

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