Tuesday, June 06, 2006


British Miles asked me if I was going to a Fonz Convention. I had a comb sticking out of my back pocket, and he said it looked like something The Fonz would do. I asked him "you don't carry a comb with you?" "No." Well he's from England, so maybe it's a cultural thing, so I started asking other guys in the office if they carried combs:

"Not since Junior High."
"Yeah, back when I was 8."

I got six "no's" in a row. I am floored by this. I have the least amount of hair, yet I'm the only person who carries a comb? This isn't a metro thing, this goes back for generations. Men carry combs. That's what they do. How did I miss the memo 25 years ago telling me to stop carrying a comb?

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