Monday, June 05, 2006

Good News

I don't have to worry about the power company calling me and leaving messages saying that my electricity will be turned off for non-payment. Why? Because for some reason my phone service has been discontinued.

Ok so here's what happened. I had local phone service through SBC and long distance with AT&T. AT&T bought SBC. When I went to the SBC webpage to pay my bill, I got a notice saying that "AT&T customers should log into their AT&T account." Which I did, paid the bill, and didn't think twice about it. Until this morning, when I lost my cel phone at home and tried to call it to hear the ring, only to get a recorded message saying taht my service had been disconnected.

I called AT&T to find out what the problem was. I got transfered a few times, and was told I had an unpaid balance of $64. I told them I was looking at my bill online, and it said I was paid in full, next payment due June 26. Realizing there were 2 different bills, I asked "what company am I speaking with?"

"This is The New AT&T, formerly SBC."
"Aren't I looking at my AT&T bill online?"
"Oh no, you're looking at the old AT&T."
"So when I log into AT&T, I'm not seeing my New AT&T bill, just the old AT&T bill, but I have to pay both?"
"Where do I go to see the new AT&T bill?"
"You can log into the new AT&T Account Manager".
"But the AT&T Account Manager won't show my old AT&T account, which I still have to pay?"

AT&T will charge me $2.99 a month to combine my bills into one easy payment. I don't think so.

Conglomerates are stupid.

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