Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Class of '86

I just got my invitation for my 20th high school reunion. Ugh. I've stayed in touch with many of my high school friends so in many ways this is just another reason to get together. But it makes you feel old. There will be people there whose KIDS are going to my high school, or have possibly even graduated.

They sent out a short questionnaire. It seems innocent enough at first: did you go to college? married? kids? most interesting thing you've done? But what they are really saying is "justify your life over the past two decades". I'm not looking to "win" the where-are-we-now contest, but I would like to make a strong showing. Coming from a small town in New Jersey (pop: 3,000), the fact that I moved to Los Angeles should stand up pretty well. (the suckers don't realize that life in L.A. isn't all about Malibu Beach parties.) But that will only go so far. I have 5 months to strike a movie deal or come up with something else to put down.

Just mention the toaster war. ;)
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