Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lonely at the top

There are some things I will just never understand.

So somebody sneezes at the dinner table. And this sneeze is so powerful, it actually manages to blow this poor guy's meatball clear off his plate. And it doesn't just fall off the table; this magical meatball somehow rolls right out the door and into the garden.

Now if somebody sneezed on my dinner, I would be finished right then and there. But what does this guy do? He heads outside, crawls under a bush, and then starts eating the dirty, snot-covered mush. And loves it. How gross is that?

One good thing comes out of this; summer rolls around, and now there is a beautiful meatball tree in his lawn. That's pretty cool. After all, who wouldn't enjoy going out to their backyard in the late-afternoon to pick some fresh meatballs for dinner? You would think this guy would want everyone to share in his joy, right? Wrong. Instead, he tells us to make sure we hang on to our meatballs and not to sneeze, thereby preventing us from ever having our own beautiful sauce-covered trees.

None of this makes any sense to me.

needs work.
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