Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Which came first?

I have an odd dilemma. A few days ago, a small egg appeared on my balcony. I don't know what to do with it. Surely this egg has been abandoned, and without the warmth of a Mama Bird to protect it, whatever is inside is dead, right? But I don't want to just throw it out, because what if there is a tiny baby bird inside? Do I want it to come into the world at the bottom of a dumpster? And what if I leave it there: would it hatch and then I'd have to watch some poor struggling chick whither away and die? I live on the 16th floor, and simply tossing it off the balcony is not an option (I don't know what's inside, so the thought of splattering it 150 feet below is out of the question.)

And no, I'm not making an omlette.

Looks like a candy egg for Easter.
Have you thought of being it's Mommy?
I think you should sit on it until it hatches.....
put it in one of those plastic shells they have in the store now for Easter, slip that in a balloon, swallow the balloon, and see if you can incubate and relay a mature egg that way. Or you could just cook the damn thing. It was abandoned for a reason. Trust nature, Mike.

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