Monday, March 06, 2006

Fish Tale

I'm not sure how, but I've managed to keep 3 little Tetra fish alive for almost 2 years now. They lost 2 of their buddies, but these guys are troopers. I feel bad saying this, but I sort of hate my fish. Here's the problem: You buy fish so you can watch them swim back and forth and go along with their little fishy lives. But my fish are paranoid cowards. When I first come into the room, I see them dancing happily all around the tank. But as soon as I start to get closer they swim and hide underneath the sunken bridge. Many times I don't even know if all 3 are alive because I can't even find them. Since I am essentially their 'god', I could easily take out the bridge and all the plants and force them to be on display. But ultmimately I want them to be happy so if they like having little hiding places, they can keep them.

I went away for the weekend and set them up with an automatic feeder. It's a round disk that rotates every 12 hours and dumps food into the tank. Unfortunately, I mounted it right above the air bubbler, which splashed water up inside and clogged it. So they didn't get any food this weekend.

No wonder my fish hate me.

Thanks for the laugh.

Maybe your fish are just bowing to you in respect!

Bow back.
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