Friday, February 24, 2006

Slow down

I need to start going to my homeowner association meetings. "They" decided to install speed bumps in the parking garage.

Here's the problem: I park on the 4th level. The way the garage is set up, I have to drive up 6 short ramps to get to my parking space. So it's frustrating enough having to slow down for every turn without also having to stop for these new bumps.

When I first bought my condo, I thought I was moving into a really hip address. (The fact that I use the term "hip" only proves how un-hip I am.) But after I moved in, I discovered I basically moved into a retirement home. Based on the people I see in the elvators, I'd guess I'm in the youngest 10-20 percent of residents there. I'm typically driving behind one of my older neighbors in the garage, so there isn't any need for the speed bumps in the first place; they don't drive over 4 mph anyway.

They probably voted on the bumps after people complained about that hot-rodding youngster living in 1601 who races through the garage at 8mph.

Get off my lawn!
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