Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mail Tampering

I broke federal law today. I dropped off some mail in an open basket in our company store today; I had to buy the 2-cent booster stamps to bring the postage up to the new 39-cent rate. I saw that a few letters in the basket - bills - only had the old 37-cent stamps on them, so I spent 10 cents and added the postage.

It's possible this person KNEW they weren't providing enough postage, but sent it anyway hoping that it would be returned and that the insurance and power companies have some sort of "grace period" because of postage problems. But now I've foiled their plans and their checks will bounce. Or the next time there is a postage hike, they'll just think "hey, last time I sent the wrong postage and it went through anyway so you really don't need to use the new rates right away."

Or maybe they just forgot.

That was very samaritan of you.

About 2 days after the change, I saw that someone in my office was trying to mail a letter with a $0.37 stamp. I took the letter out of the basket and went up to them all flustered, making sure they knew I wasn't snooping through mail. I acted like I was being a good samaritan, but really it caught my eye because I needed a $0.39 stamp and was hoping that person had one. It turned into an act of kindness. Dammit.

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