Monday, November 07, 2005

The Emporer has no Pants

I HATE shopping for clothes. I hate spending the money, I hate trying to make a "fashion decision", I hate trying stuff on. But I need new jeans, so I braved the stores. I particularly dislike buying new pants because I have skinny chicken legs and it's always hard to find a pair that fits me properly. I figured I would make it as simple as possible: go with basic Levi's. Macys had a nice section of Levi's, and the jeans were divided into the 3 styles: Relaxed, Loose, and Baggy.... ????? Um, aren't those all kind of the same thing? My small legs mean I don't want a Loose fit. Baggy is what all the young whipper-snappers wear, and I am anything but Relaxed. Where's the "Trim Uptight" cut? I tried on a few pairs, they were all stupid, so I just left.

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