Saturday, November 05, 2005


Did you hear about this? A cruise ship was attacked by pirates. PIRATES! How cool is that?! Imagine coming back from vacation and saying "yes, we had a lovely time. Saw some beautiful beaches, had some wonderful meals, and... oh yeah, we were attacked by pirates." Awesome.

I doubt they were "real" pirates however. For my money, if they don't have the black flag with skull and crossbones they ain't the real deal. At any rate, I find it odd what a fine line there is between "pirate" and "terrorist". See, that's the problem with Al Qaeda; they need a PR makeover. "Terrorist" has such a bad vibe about it. Suppose on September 11, the guys on Flight 93 put patches over one eye and said "Arrrrrrrrr! We be air pirates, an' we be taking over this here vessel, mateys!" Instead of fighting back, I think the passengers would have said "Pirates? Hmmm... Let's see how this thing plays out."

What? Too soon?

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