Monday, July 11, 2005

The War isn't over

Do you have a mother or grandmother who is very stingy with things like sugar or butter? They'll try to tell you "You have to save up... back during The War we had rationing and we couldn't get sugar whenever we wanted it." And you have to say "The war's over Grams, now pass the sugarbowl and nobody will get hurt."

I've realized that I am a car-air-conditioning miser.

I drove around for a few years in an old Firebird that had no air conditioning. It was an old freon system which could not be (legally) recharged. The car also had a problem with overheating so I would often drive around Los Angeles in the summer with the heat on to help cool the engine. I learned to appreciate the value of air conditioning.

My current car is less than 2 years old, yet I still find myself fearful of the air conditioning. If I have passengers in the car I'll gladly turn it on, but when I'm by myself I feel guilty using it. I will drive around with the vent on and all the windows open, then finally decide that maybe a little AC wouldn't hurt.

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