Monday, May 30, 2005

Muppets Gone Wild

Who rox? Cruftbox.

About 6 months ago I heard about an upcoming TV movie, "Muppet Wizard of Oz". The Muppets are cool, and they had a great teaser line in the commercial: Pepe the Prawn says "What happens in Emerald City...STAYS in Emerald City." Good stuff. So I was looking forward to seeing it, knowing full well that most of it would probably be kind of corny or silly. Didn't care. It finally aired last week and I got it on my TiVo but dind't watch it right away. Then the season finales hit and my Tivo needed to get 24 and Alias and American Idol and Lost and all these other 2 hour shows and it erased Muppets. Horrors! But Mr. Cruftbox had a copy on his Tivo and made a tape for me. Huzzah!

These are not the same muppets we grew up with. Sure, some of the names are the same but the attitude is completely different. For starters, we have Fozzie Bear (The Lion) introducing the gang as "We're friends of Dorothy." OK, not too bad. But then I believe this movie is the first time a muppet ever says "I think she's gonna get bitch slapped!" Then there's Gonzo as a robotic Tin Man: Pepe is fiddling with some knobs on Gonzo's chest and asks "what do these buttons do?" "Nothing, those are my nipples."

Gay muppets, nipple fondling and bitch slapping. We truly aren't in Kansas anymore.

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