Monday, May 16, 2005

Five otherwise good songs with bad endings

1. Mr. Roboto, Styx: So this isn't exactly the highlight of their career, but it was still a fun, poppy song. Until the end. You say you're Kilroy? OK, I get it. I heard you the first time.

2. Hotel California, The Eagles: This song breaks into a mellow chill-out guitar solo... Ah, so relaxing. But then it goes on, and on, and on. It's boring and repetitive. It wouldn't be so bad if it cut back to one last chorus (and it does, in an extended version) but instead it just drones on and then fades out arbitrarily. There is no closure to the song.

3. Fly Like an Eagle, Steve Miller Band: You need to be smoking weed to fully appreciate this song, but you need to be on acid for the ending. It sounds like some guy stumbled upon a synthesizer for the very first time and just started making all sorts of weird outer space sounds. I don't get it.

4. Sweet Emotion, Aerosmith: This is a good rock/pop crossover, with a few parent-disapproving lyrics and nice harmonies in the chorus. But then they seem to channel The Who at the end and the song breaks apart as if they are smashing everything on stage.

5. Blinded By The Light, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: This is a very up-tempo song with lots of whimiscal wordplay going on. It has all this energy and then it just smashes into a brick wall with a suddenly-mellow ending (it also slams to a halt in the middle.) You need to put the clutch in to avoid grinding gears that badly.

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