Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I went to the Natural History Museum at USC last weekend with some friends (hi Mark). It has dinosaurs; it was cool. I feel that every museum should have dinosaurs: The Museum of 19th Century Cambodian Quilts? They should have a dinosaur. The French Impressionism Museum? Needs a dinosaur.

There was one strange thing about the USC exhibit. About half of the skeletons in the Dinosaur Hall were labeled "Not a Dinosaur!" I think it was one of those "Dolphins are not fish; spiders are not insects" things. I suppose a bunch of geeky archeologists got together and decided that if certain vertabrae are not fused in a specific way, the animal is not a dinosaur. Whatever. Here's my definition: If it lived 100 million years ago, is the size of a bus, and can eat you, it's a dinosaur.

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