Saturday, April 09, 2005

Preach it grandma

I went to a small (150 people) rally for Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor. It was hosted by an environmental group, so the people there were very dedicated citizens. Very committed. OK, let's keep it real... they were hippies and old white folk.

There was a little old lady standing next to me who looked right out of Central Casting: picture a woman who lived in Queens her entire life retiring in Florida. She was 5-foot-nothing, white hair, the dark wrap-around senior citizen sunglasses and a little cane to help her stand. (she'll be the star of this entry.)

We had the little "welcome friends and neighbors speech" and then some assemblyperson or something took the mic. She was an eloquent african-american woman who spoke about the environment and education with the little bit of flare you might hear from a Baptist preacher. In the middle of the speech, the old lady next to me blurts out - in that inappropriately loud voice that only old people can do - "This broad's fantastic!"

I nearly lost it.

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