Friday, April 01, 2005

My mother and I went to Rome in 2003 to see the Beatification of Mother Teresa. (It's a ceremony that is one of the steps in declaring a new saint.) There were many different speakers throughout the several hour event. Whenever you have a couple-hundred thousand people gathered together, there's gonna be a lot of noise. People were chatting throughout the entire thing. But what amazed me is how hushed the crowd became whenever the Pope spoke. Here was this frail old man speaking in a tiny voice. Mumbling. In Latin. I am sure 99.9% of the people had absolutely no idea what he was saying. Yet 200,000 people hung on every word. It really was something amazing.

And I got to see him drive through the crowd in his Pope-mobile. Awesome.

After the trip I took some of the photos and made a little video to send to my mother for her to watch. (You may want to let it load and just scroll through them quickly rather than letting the music play.)

Pope movie (small, 2.6 MB)
Pope movie (large, 7.5 MB)

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