Monday, February 21, 2005

Strike Two

A couple weeks ago, me and Dutch drove up to nearby Mt. Baldy to go skiing. We got there in about an hour, only to find out that high winds had closed them down for the day. Crud.

Today, we drove back up. There was a torrential rainstorm in L.A., which meant a torrential snowstorm up in the mountains. It was a pretty rainy drive most of the way. The snow level was supposed to drop to 5000 feet, and I swear to you right as we passed the sign that said "Elevation 500 feet" it was suddenly snowing. Hard. Cool. Snow makes for slippery roads, but we were prepared with chains for the tires. Or so we thought. Long story short, we couldn't get them working properly and spent probably an hour in the cold and wet trying to make them go. We inched our way up hill to the point where we could see the sign that read "Mt. Baldy 400 feet ahead". That sounds really close but it might as well been 400 miles ahead. We had to turn around and go home.

The mountain has defeated us twice, without us even getting our skiis on. But we shall win the war in the end. The mountain shall be ours.

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