Monday, December 20, 2004

I am a strong and confident woman

I'm a sucker for free stuff. Even when it isn't free. One of my weaknesses is the "free trial subscription" for magazines. You find offers in the mail, at checkout counters, everywhere. The secret is to remember to cancel before your subscription automatically renews. Sometimes several magazines get bundled together; Best Buy recently gave me subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly (yay) and Sports Illustrated (boo). It puts me on a diverse set of mailing lists. I used to get Newsweek and National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveller. And would you believe I'm a former subscriber of Bon Appetit?

When I registered online for one of our runs, there was an option to choose a free trail magazine. They all were pretty much related to health, and I just sort of picked one and figured at some point I'd get an article explaining why my shoes were too tight. Not knowing one magazine from another, I selected the very-generic-sounding "Fitness". And it arrived, with the cover story "Lose Your Cellulite!" I thought I wanted to add inches to my thighs, but according to this magazine I'm supposed to lose some.

All future health-related issues will be answered by a source I know and respect: TV Guide.

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