Monday, December 06, 2004

Ho Ho Hangover

This weekend was the company Christmas - er, Holiday Party, held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. (Meeting first in the theater, then dinner upstairs.) The Kodak Theater is the home of the Oscars, and I have to say it was a lot smaller and cheap-looking than I expected. Everything looks much nicer on TV.

As for the party, the bar opened at 5 but the buffet dinner didn't start until 6 so I had a lot of unabsorbed alcohol. My drink of the night was lemon-drop martinis; a bit of a sissy drink perhaps but they were yummy so too bad. I had a bit too much, and I reached the stage where I was trying to figure out who my "Puke Buddy" should be - you know, the guy who goes in the stall with you to make sure you don't bang your head on the bowl. I did make a small deposit, and was worried that my Puke Buddy would wind up being the restroom attendant. How much do you tip for something like that? Fortunately, it didn't get to that point.

The party ended at 8 and I wandered the streets of Hollywood for a few hours. Ironically, I went into a bar to sober up (ate pretzels and drank soda). I caught the subway back to my car around 11:30 and got home at midnight.

Favorite new euphemism: "talk to Ralph on the big white telephone"

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