Wednesday, October 06, 2004

No fish were harmed making this entry

Well here's something you don't see every day (unless you're Mister P. of course.) I have a 10-gallon aquarium in my bedroom with 5 widdle fishies in it. There is a pump blowing bubbles in it, but the bubbles are a bit noisy at night so I unplug it. This morning, I woke up and plugged the pump back in and in doing so apparently knocked the hose off the pump. In a remarkable demonstration of elementary school physics, the hose designed to blow air into the tank became a syphon sucking water out. When I came back from my shower, more than half of the aquarium had been drained into the carpeting.

It didn't matter how many towels I threw down to try to soak up all the water. It seeped deep into the fibers and the matting underneath and it's just gonna be damp forever.

If I could just move the leaking aquarium next to the flaming litterbox I'd be in good shape.

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