Thursday, September 23, 2004

I am a terrible, awful friend.

On Monday I overheard some people at work debating the changes in the new Star Wars DVDs being released that night. Thinking I could impress them, I told them about my plans to go to Westwood to pick up a copy when they officially went on sale at midnight. They replied "you're going to Nerdfest?!"

I realized I had to recover quickly. I told them "Oh, it's not for ME... You see, TRAVIS is one of those Star Wars freaks. HE'S the one who wants to go, and I just said I would tag along. You know, just for fun. 'Cuz he had no one else to go with. So I'm just helping him." I sold him out faster than Divine Brown on Valentine's Day. Sorry Travis.

Travis should have photos and a write-up here.

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