Monday, September 20, 2004


The Emmys were tonight. It was a pretty bad show. The theme seemed to be "Reality Television" kicking off with a flat spoof of... well, I'm not sure what. They had pre-taped segment interviewing nominees and non-nominees, and I think they were trying to make it look like the Emmys were some sort of Reality show and the nominees were being voted off- it was just so poorly done I couldn't figure out what the point was. A dumb running gag for the evening was a new show called "What's Behind Garry's Door", a show that would be made up of host Garry Shandling's home security cameras. The "golly, Reality TV is everywhere" bit is at least 2 years out of date.

Speaking of out of date, I think it's time Shandling retired. He's just not funny anymore. He made a joke that he was going to have kids when he was 90, taking the "Tony Randall route." That's particularly not funny considering that Randall died this past year. And speaking of death, noticibly absent from the "In Memorium" segment was John Ritter. Because he was part of the ABC family for so long I suspect they had a special clip presentation just for him, but the show was running late so they just scrapped it. Stupid. (EDIT: Thanks to Lisa, who points out that Ritter died right before last year's Emmy's, and would have been honored then. He received a nomination this year, which is what confused me.)

Why do the Emmy's run long? Because they waste so much time on the dumb categories of "Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program" and about 2 dozen mini-series awards. I'm OK if they want to hand out those awards, but why not lump them together and get them out of the way quickly so there is enough time to focus on the regular series which far more people are familiar with. Instead they have to race through some of the big awards like "Best Comedy"- we didn't even get to see any clips.

Random notes:

I only made it through the first hour or so of "Angels in America" before I wanted to cut out my own intestines, so I wasn't happy with the good showing it made at the Emmys. I am particularly disgusted that West Wing Wench Mary-Louise Parker won an award for Angels. Hate her.

Sex and the City had a rather disappointing showing considering how many nominations they had. Good. Hate them.

Best line of the night: In an otherwise dumb comedy bit in the men's room, Chris Rock, standing at a urinal, yells "Hey, who the hell is Elaine Stitch?!" My sentiment exactly. (She's the old creepy lady who won "Best Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program". She does get points for being bleeped for saying the F word.)

Arrested Development took home Best Comedy along with several other awards. Excellent. More people need to be watching this show.

Seeing Simon Cowell and Donald Trump on stage together is fantastic. Hearing them read the scripted banter is, as Simon would say, dreadful. You're Fired.

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