Saturday, August 21, 2004

Europe on 3.47 euros a day

I'm in Europe. Germany, to be specific. During my travels, I was trying to come up with clever insights to blog about. Should I do my standard fear-of-flying entry? No. Should I talk about the difference between Americans and those wacky Germans? No. Instead, sometimes you just have to let fate step in and hand you a story.

I lost my wallet.

Above is my entire financial net worth: 27.81 Euros. I have no ATM card, no credit cards, no travellers checks. I suppose you'd like to know how I lost my wallet, but does it really matter? I lose it all the time. But here's the odd story. I was in a cab paying the driver and trying to open the door, but it was stuck. You know how frustrating it is to try to open a car door while the driver is trying to use the electronic locks? How the driver will hit the button at the exact moment you pull the handle, over and over again? Trust me, it's 10 times worse when the driver is yelling at you in German. Eventually we both accepted that the door was stuck, so I climbed out the driver's side instead. Open wallet, sliding over seats, angry German driver, you do the math.

But Mister P., surely you kept at least one credit card back in your hotel? Shut Up.

I'm on vacation for 8 more days. That 3.47 euros a day. Fortunately, das Hotten Doggens are very cheap.

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