Monday, June 14, 2004

Go Pistons!

I'm going to get in BIG trouble for this: I hope the Lakers lose.

The L.A. Lakers are in some sort of big basketball thingee. I'm all for rooting for the home team, but the problem is that we've barely finished celebrating LAST year's victory.

Back in January, Pepsi and Apple Computer launched a big campaign to give away 100 million free songs over the internet; 1 in 3 Pepsi bottle caps would be a winner. We did not get the new bottles in L.A. until April, because they were still overstocked on the "Win Free Lakers Crap!" bottles from last year. Gimme a break. They phased out the old campaign just 2 months ago, and if the Lakers win I fear they'll just start up again.

And it's not just Pepsi; it's the Lakers gear in the gas stations and the supermarkets and the malls. I think there should be a 3-month allowance; you can gear up for 1 month leading up to the championship, and then spend 2 months unloading all the crap after they win. But that's it. None of this year-round nonsense.

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