Sunday, June 06, 2004

Deep Dark Secret

I have a confession. It is a secret I've held for 19 years, and only now can it be revealed. Some of you may faint in terror. Some of you may set yourselves on fire. Some of you may do the Truffle Shuffle...

Until today, I had never seen The Goonies.

How did I avoid this required viewing from the 80s? I'm not sure. But it often comes up in conversations about old movies, and for years I would just sit there uncomfortably, pretending to laugh along with everyone as they reminisced about their youth. I always felt like an outsider, trying to fit in. Being Goonie-less, I knew deep down I didn't belong. But no more.

Is it a good movie? I suppose so. But the main thing I was thinking is that it's a NOISY movie. It is very frantic, with lots of screaming and people shouting over one another non-stop. It's sort of stressful. And Corey Feldman has always been, and shall always be, well, Corey Feldman.

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