Friday, May 07, 2004

My Bracelet Buddy

About 7 years ago, I went to a taping of "Friends". I saw the one where Joey gives Chandler an ugly engraved "Best Bud" bracelet. Chandler offends Joey, then loses the bracelet, buys a new one to replace it and then finds the original one. This episode was voted the #1 best Friends episode in the NBC countdown earlier this year, most likely because of my superior laugh track skills

After the taping, I went to "Expressions" in the mall and looked for the cheapest, tackiest bracelet I could find. I had it engraved "Best Buds". The day the episode aired, I gave the bracelet in a sealed box to my friend "Jack" and told him not to open it until he saw Friends that night. He watched the episode, opened the box, and had his very own Best Bud Bracelet.

It is one of my proudest gags ever.

Bracelet clips from Friends (2MB, QuickTime)

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