Sunday, May 02, 2004

It was SOOO hot in California this week...
How hot was it?
It was so hot, Governor Schwarzenegger stopped groping secretaries and started groping blank.

In other temperature news, my TiVo almost died. I could only watch TV for about an hour at a time, then it would overheat and crash on me. I was all excited to go out and buy a new, bigger TiVo to replace it, until somebody told me "oh, same thing happened to mine. Just slide the cover back about an inch to let it vent out the top. It will be fine." So now I don't get to spend $300 on a shiny new TiVo.

Stupid somebody.

P.S. Charles Nelson Reilley's answer would be "Linda Tripp." Yes, we were looking for "Linda Tripp."

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