Thursday, April 08, 2004

What the hell was I thinking?

I first heard about "Run Hit Wonder" from Brad. It's a 5k/10k run, with one-hit-wonder bands playing along the course. Bands include Devo, Tommy Tutone, and my favorite, A Flock of Seagulls. What could be more stupidly fun that that? Brad is running. Dutch is running. Two other friends of mine are running. I keep hearing about more and more people I know who are running. All the cool kids are doing it, so I signed up too.

Problem number one: I found out that Flock of Seagulls played last year, and they didn't have The Hair. What?! How could they not have The Hair?! Seeing Flock of Seagulls without The Hair is like seeing Britney Spears without the Boob Job. Oh well.

Problem number two, and this is the big one, is that I can't run. I'm so lazy I don't even channel surf. Brad shared a website with me that gives training advice for people looking to do their first 5k. It says that even if you've never run before, in 8 quick weeks you can get in shape for a 5k. Unfortunately, the run is in 3 weeks. I figure that if I just double everything I'll be OK.

I have a treadmill in my building, and I've run a bit on it. I can do 3 miles (about 5k) fairly comfortably (with a mix of running/walking) as long as I have a DVD player entertaining me. But I was worried about what it was like running in the "real world". I figured there would be some sort of conversion factor, something along the lines of "every mile on a treadmill is like 3/4 mile on the road." So I started asking around. Brad said something like "it's basically the same, my sister trains for marathons on a treadmill." Dutch, who is like Mister Joe Fitness, also told me "it's the same thing."

Today I tried running outside. I went to Griffith Park, took about 10 steps and felt like I was going to die. DIE I tell you! Running in real life ain't NOTHING like the treadmill. Still, I managed to do a 2-mile run/walk, got back to the car and drove to the Gun Shop in preparation for special visits to Brad & Dutch.

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