Tuesday, April 06, 2004

We have a winna'!

My mother phoned me early in the morning and woke me up. She was very excited. Although it only took her 5 seconds to explain her news, my mind was racing way ahead of her:

"I just won..."
my mother won something...a car? my mom won a car!

"...the biggest..."
the biggest what?! the biggest lottery in New Jersey history?!


My mother won the biggest...duck.

It seems her beauty parlor had an Easter raffle and my mother was the grand prize winner of a 5 foot stuffed duck. Way to go Mom!

She called me back later in the day. She was going crazy trying to figure out what to do with a 5-foot stuffed duck. Should she give it to her 4-year-old nephew, or her 8-year-old niece who might appreciate it more? Or should she give it to Father Nick whose sister is in town visiting with her young daughter? Or should she bring it along to Easter Dinner as a great decoration? So many choices, and she was asking me for all her options. Then she adds this little gem: "Or maybe you know of a 37-year-old guy who'd like to impress his girlfriend?" To which I responded, "um, no, and you do realize I'm not 37, right?"
"You're not? How old are you?"
"You're not 35."

Way to go, Mom.

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