Sunday, April 04, 2004

American Splendor

I saw a better movie this weekend, "American Splendor". It tells the true story of self-proclaimed loser Harvey Pekar who wrote a comic book about all the the bitterness in his life. One "friend" told me I would like it because it was a story about me. Thanks alot. I complained to some other friends "can you believe he said the movie was about me?!" They re-assured me "oh no, Mister P., you're nothing like him... Harvey Pekar actually had a flair for creative expression and made a success of his life." With friend like these...

The movie starts out slow, but it picks up. My favorite character is actually his buddy Tobey. In this scene, Tobey exlains why he is driving from Cleveland to Toledo to see a movie. This is Mister P.'s Clip of the Week. (916k QuickTime)

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